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Branding & Logos

Making the best first impression starts with your visual identity; it is the heart and face of your brand. From a simple logo design to full identity packages, I create memorable identities that reflect who you are, what you do, and your values. Services include stationary packages, signage, and brand guidelines to ensure a consistent visual identity at every point of contact.

Graphic Design

At the heart of every successful promotion is design that accurately reflects a company or organization, target market, and objectives. Bold design that is both beautiful and functional helps you stand out from the crowd. Services include poster design, packaging, annual reports, brochures and everything in between. If it’s printed or online, I can design it!

Web Design

Having an online presence is an essential marketing tool. Websites are the main point of contact for consumers. I create user, search engine and mobile friendly websites that are modern and attractive. From simple to large scale projects, whatever the size, I begin by taking the time to understand both your challenges and opportunities to provide the best possible outcome.


The range of conceptual solutions for promotional material can be expanded when illustrations are brought into the creative problem solving process. It can also create a unique visual presence. From pen and ink to digital, edgy to corporate, whatever the style, I can help. I create illustrations for t-shirts and apparel, posters, prints, packaging, film, you name it!


I am often asked “so how does this work?”. To answer this, I have outlined my basic design process. If you have any other questions about how I work, please feel free to get in touch.

This is one of the most important steps in the design process and it involves gathering the information I will need to get a full understanding of a project. This includes the business or organization’s profile, marketing position, communication goal(s), target market, objectives and the schedule / deadline for a project.
If the project requires it, a creative brief will then be developed to summarize all expectations, deliverables and establish a clear timeline for the project. This helps keep the everything on track.

Time is spent reviewing the brief and asking follow-up questions if needed before beginning more thorough research and brainstorming. During the research process I take into account competitors, differentiators, trends in the market, current brand and goals. This allows me to develop a strategy before beginning the design phase.

I start all design projects with a pencil and paper. This allows me to explore as many directions as possible before narrowing down to the strongest ideas for further development and refinement. The strongest concepts are then developed in a digital format and prepared for presentation.

The design concept(s) are presented for review and clients are then able to provide feedback based on their objectives and the needs.

At this stage I’m tasked with making any changes to the aesthetic elements based on the client’s request or putting the final touches on the agreed upon design.

Once the design has been approved, I am able to implement the finished piece across all deliverables, which may include both print and web. There is nothing more rewarding than turning over a completed project to a satisfied client.
Should any design-related questions arise, I’m on hand to provide an answer, or to offer assistance with design application. I can help with print procurement, or any related issue that might arise.